Border Crisis Update

The crisis at our borders grows more intense with each passing day. In february alone the number of illegal family units intercepted were at least 900, which means if there were an average of only three per family puts those total numbers at over 81,000 people claiming “asylum” protection.

Just this past Tuesday March 12, a Border Patrol agent was assaulted while patrolling the border fence at Callexico CA.  Crimes against American Citizens continue to increase on a daily basis as more families are victimized. Texas Peacemakers is committed to the mission of supporting and securing the lives and property of private citizen land owners on a volunteer and requested basis.

Mission “Texas Shield”

The mission of Texas Peacemakers is to use the personnel, resources, training, equipment all supported by like minded Patriots to serve the security and safety needs of those being threatened, assaulted and even fired upon by human and drug traffickers who use their land like a silk road of criminal activity. To protect them against the armed invaders who escort these traffickers like small armies. Our mission does not include confronting them directly, instead we want to project a presence of surveillance with active real time intelligence reporting to BPC and local law enforcement while standing an armed security presence which causes them to adjust their routes and patterns.

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